Courses held at Stone Child College during the fall 2017 semester.

This course presents the language and mathematical applications of sentence solutions and roots, graphs, conic sections, functions, relations, logarithms, exponents, logic, sequences, series, counting including permutations and combinations, probability, odds, systems of equations, matrices, and determinants.

Students apply math skills to business situations arising during normal business activities. Concepts and procedures are discussed including payroll computations, checking and savings accounts, simple and compound interest loans, purchasing and sales procedures, budgeting, and record keeping.

This is a programmed, instructor-assisted, student-centered, individualized instruction course sequence designed to develop hands-on mathematical computation, study skills, basic algebra concepts, and symbolic manipulation algorithms. This course prepares students for Intermediate Algebra and other courses requiring algebra skills. Instructors may utilize computer education software. All levels will solve word problems associated with learned concepts to promote reading and critical thinking skills. Unless a course has been previously completed, students are expected to enroll in all three courses at the beginning of the semester. All three courses of the same section will meet in the same room at the same time each week. A student completing a course during the semester will move to the next numbered course. Students are expected to complete all three series courses during one semester.